Cross-Platform Mobile Development: The Comprehensive Guide

Cross-Platform Mobile Development: The Comprehensive Guide

It might take longer to hire, and it might be more expensive to pay the right person when you find them. Flutter is the youngest of all cross-platform app development frameworks and holds a special place in the modern market. Here’s the exciting part being an open-source, this cross-platform app framework was built to assist in the expeditious iOS and Android app development. Flutter allows apps to function on multiple platforms with a uniform and dynamic approach.

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Cordova command-line runs on Node.js and is available on NPM. The popular cross-platform development framework offers features like reusable code across platforms, support for offline scenarios, access to native device APIs, and more. Apache Cordova uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 for app development. The team at Canopus Infosystems serves different organizations by making efficient cross-platform mobile applications. We have been providing digital transformation services to increase their reach and revenue.

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The goal of cross-platform app development is omnipresent accessibility across multiple devices per a single, unifying codebase. One of the most advanced frameworks is intended for developing native interfaces for Android and iOS. By using a single codebase, it provides development tools for web, desktop, and embedded applications. Testing in Flutter apps allows you to verify the behavior of a method or class.

1000 APIs programmed in it allow developers to sprite music, animations, object tweening, audio, native elements, Box2D physics, data, and many other features. Includes collections of 50+ built-in widgets and display of rich UI specially made for mobile platforms like forms, carousels, toolbars, lists, menus, etc. Popular for having native-looking themes built-in for all major platforms, including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, etc. ArrowDB-(a schema-less data store) helps developers install data models to eliminate any extra efforts required for setup ultimately.

Ionic s admired for its user-oriented features and creative user design. Cross platform mobile application development as a way of using advanced development tools at an affordable price. They produce apps that can function on numerous mobile platforms, compatible with operating systems like iOS or Android.

  • It is commonly used to construct efficient applications that employ hardware acceleration techniques.
  • Gluon Maps will be helpful if you need to render maps in your application.
  • Some games may not be cross-platform because of licensing agreements between developers and video game console manufacturers that limit development to one particular console.
  • That helps you have confidence about correctness & performance characteristics.
  • The team at Canopus Infosystems serves different organizations by making efficient cross-platform mobile applications.

GPL + CE licensed so it is free to java mobiles applications use with commercial projects.


Before the emergence of Kotlin and Flutter, Java was primarily used for Android app development. But after the rise in popularity of Kotlin, Flutter, and other app development platforms, the significance of Java slowly started fading. Also, you left off Codename One, which makes native Android, iOS, Desktop and Web apps using Java or Kotlin. It was the first solution to build native iPhone apps in Java, and is still the most mature, performant and stable cross-platform mobile WORA (Write-Once-Run-Anywhere) toolkit on the market.

With a single codebase, it is easier to deploy and maintain the app if it needs to be transformed or customized. Over 6 years of work we’ve helped over 150 companies to build successful mobile and web apps. Native apps are still the best choice when it comes to user experience and performance. While they are more costly, you’ll be at ease with lower defect rates and better visuals.

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Let’s just say that adding dark mode to our native iOS app took a lot longer than a day. One of the devs on my team added a fantastic dark mode to our new @Ionicframework app in less than a day of work. Why on earth did I not jump in @Ionicframework and @capacitorjs earlier?! Creating custom native experiences is easy with a simple Plugin API for Swift on iOS, Java on Android, and JavaScript for the web. Give your users light and dark theme choices so they can choose what’s most eye-friendly.


It’s essential that such applications run seamlessly on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Leveraging the cross-platform mobile development approach, you can create such solutions quickly and cost-efficiently. Hello guys, there is a huge demand for developers with knowledge of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks like Flutter and React Native. This is obvious as no one wants to maintain a separate code base for their Android and iOS mobile app. Mobile apps can have high compute requirements — especially for games.

Ruby – An object-oriented language which aims to be easy to read. Because of the competing interests of compatibility and functionality, numerous design strategies have emerged. It enables the integration of existing continuous delivery systems such as SCM solutions and more. NativeScript supports segments like Cocoapods and AndroidArsenal and calls local strategies from libraries. Flutter app Developers are only required to update the variables and the UI changes will be visible after that.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to developing an application. Neither cross-platform nor native development will be best-suited to every mobile application and every use case. It is hard to sync the various development projects while developing multiple apps.


Stack traces look natural, both in the debugger and any logged exceptions, even with a mix of translated and native source. In total, the process consumed about over 6GB of RAM on my machine. A company called Gluon has developed a high performance, fully modular custom JVM fully supporting Java 9, that you can read more about here. On iOS, however, the builds are extremely memory-intensive and the compilation process takes a very long time. The following is a snippet of the log for ./gradlew createIpa task. For a start, the plugin currently does not fully support Java 8.

java cross platform mobile

In contrast, when UX is in flux, this can jeopardize your growth potential. While native development suggests severe limitations when it comes to accessibility from one device to another, most software experts believe using native tools elicits better performance. This is likely because of the obvious merits of cross-platform app development that your business can take advantage of if you so desire. Cross-platform app development is a business-savvy means of addressing consumer needs in an efficient manner. An open-source cross-platform testing framework enables iOS functional tests in Cucumber to be executed on a remote device.

What Are the Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks?

And of those three languages, Java is arguably the best choice for cross platform. Whether you develop on a Mac, Windows, or Linux, there are nice IDE choices. Flutter is an advanced, open-source software development kit with its own UI widget framework library that is based on Google Material design. Flutter is powered by Dart programming language, which is a strongly typed, garbage collected, object-oriented language with C-like syntax. And it will look quite familiar to anybody who’s worked with Java or C#. If you’re building an app that’s just displaying information fetched from the network, cross-platform development will be a good choice.

While cross-platform development saves time and cost, you risk sacrificing quality in the process. It is difficult to tailor an app that runs optimally on various platforms, and the app will need an additional abstraction layer when running, thus resulting in lower performance. ‍The direct interaction between the code and the underlying resources results in high performance. Also, native apps generally have a better UX that is synonymous with the platform.

java cross platform mobile

Application programming interfaces to retrieve native device functionalities such as device info, file system, text-to-speech, accelerometer, phone dialer, screen lock, and more. Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS bridge C# code to the correlating software development kits of Android and iOS. The .NET framework is a cross-platform, open-source developer platform from Microsoft. That said, fierce supporters of cross-platform development contend that there are many ways to address the security issues that come with the territory. Unfortunately, the overall consensus is that hybrid and cross-platform development are lacking in this area. Setting up automated processes for app maintenance should be a breeze as well.

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It lets you quickly develop native apps for iOS, Android, and OS X, all using the editor and the Ruby language. Sencha product tools list include EXT JS, EXTReact, GXT, and Sencha Test. Cross-platform mobile applications are absolutely compatible and can exploit different plugins incorporated with the cloud settings.

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Moreover, it is more efficient and eventually, it is not open-source and easily accessible for developers. GraalVM is an effort from Oracle to offer developers all these possibilities at once. GraalVM supports different programming languages, it consists of a VM on which applications can run, but it also allows you to create native images that don’t require a VM to be executed. The first version of flutter was known as ‘sky’ and it ran on the Android operating system.

To deliver smooth and perfectly functioning applications, Node.js uses a single-threaded model with event looping functionality. This event mechanism enables the server to reply in a non-blocking way, making them scalable. As opposed to React Native, NativeScript provides developers with a complete web resource that comes loaded with plugins for all kinds of solutions.

In the right circumstances, a cross-platform mobile framework can save a business time and money, both in the short term and the long term. If you want to know whether it makes sense for your needs, contact us. If you’re not planning a mobile cross-platform strategy, we don’t recommend using cross-platform technology.